17 things I will do in 2017

So, great. I’ve made my goals and now I’m on my way to executing them all. Well, here are still some things that didn’t make the list…sort of. They’ve been upgraded to a list of their own. Sometimes, success between major goals is spread out. They tend to require more, planning, or resources or whatever. These 17 things to do in 2017 only require my willingness. They are a great way to litter small successes in between major accomplishments without being overwhelmed.

Don’t take this list as seriously as your goal list. It is fine if it has some heavy hitters. Mostly this list should contain short and quickly executable events that will boast your confidence and determination.

Think of it as a fun way to include those things that didn’t seem important enough to make my true “goal list”, but were still things I wanted to do. They are in no particular order, but that isn’t to say I won’t treat them like it. I’ll update as I go, which ones I’ve followed through on and which ones might be more difficult than I intended.

Some of the goals here are fun adventure type events I’d like to share with my family and others are just bucket list items that made the shortlist. Have a read through and then leave a comment to  tell me yours!

    1. Read  75 mixed genre books.
    2. Spend 1 Saturday a month with my Grandmother exclusively.
    3. Take a baking class.
    4. Write two shorts a month in addition to published work.
    5. Visit Houston like a tourist with Children.
    6. Build a dollhouse and kitchen set for the little loves.
    7. Sew 5 dresses start to finish.
    8. Learn to re-twist my locks.
    9. Visit Baltimore, Maryland for future book setting research
    10. Take a Creative Writing course
    11. Take my  darlings to a Book Festival.
    12. Take a photography class or several.
    13. Conquer my body discomfort with a Boudoir Photo Shoot.
    14. First stay at Disney World Resort
    15. Visit New Orleans like a tourist without Children 🙂

(Research of Course.)

  1. Build my Social Media Platforms to 3,000.
  2. Master five staple meals!

I’ll keep you guys updated on what I complete. Comment with what makes your list!

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