#MovingRightAlong August Goals

With each passing month I find myself more and more conscious of what goals are being accomplished.

So far, I’m doing okay. Not great, but okay.

In a lot of ways, I am happy with that. Then, there is the part of me that isn’t satisfied with mediocre. It is also the part of me that has a major critiqued for everything I do. Not an easy voice to listen to. On occasion, she is perfectly right though. This time, she said get focused and execute. You know what? That is exactly what I am doing.

From here on out, it is not nearly enough that I post my monthly goals and then a monthly update. I’m taking things a step further as I build discipline in my work life.  Instead of simply posting my monthly goals. I will post weekly updates toward those goals.

Remember, Accountability is key to success.

I work hard. Currently I can work harder. I have great dreams and no one is going to accomplish them for me.

So, here’s to a new beginning and higher success rate:

August Goals:

-20,000 words on Primary WIP

-100 Blog post followers

-15 IG post

-1 New Premise in development

Deep breathes and lots of focus will get me through this. It isn’t a long list, but it is a difficult on with my current schedule. That however is a small fact that I will ignore. I have lovely little darlings that need to understand that hard things are not impossible to accomplish. They are just…hard. So, here we go again.

I will teach them how to thrive by working hard and smart. Staying disciplined and being clear about their goals. I’m learning all of these things, and they are watching my every move. As August rolls along, I will be proving to myself and to them that the work you do is foundation. The work you commit to  and follow through in doing is what makes your life. Not the things you allow to remain as dreams.

What about you? What goals are you pushing through? What ways are you moving forward? Comment below.



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