My name is Jocelyn Young, but you can call me Joy. I am wife to a loving husband. I am a mother of a beautiful step- daughter and  biological daughters. They make me fearless. Or rather, they make me too afraid to allow fear to rule and it has forced me out of my comfort zone into a life I only imagined.

I have spent most of my life as an avid Romance reader and have known since I was a child that the impact of written words on me would be life long. For years my writing was limited to poetry and later performance poetry or Spoken Word. Surrounded by so much talent on so many platforms opened my eyes to how powerful writing was for so many of us. It wasn’t just me in my bubble anymore. Instead, I was overwhelmed with big ideas and dreamers with the skill to make them happen. I wasn’t ready then to want what I do now, but time and growth changed me.

My journey into publishing started out clumsily at best. On a leap of faith, I started to freelance/ ghostwrite erotica for a few paying clients. I was terrified, completely unprepared to write for other people, and desperate to make something of it. I had no idea what dreams would grow from those first years, and I’m still grappling with what I’m leaping into now.  As my  clientele grew, so did my desire to do for myself what I was doing for others. It wasn’t long before a client hired me for the gig of a lifetime. She wanted a shifter romance and gave me a list of authors for reference. From the first book I was hooked, and I have had an insatiable appetite for Paranormal Shifter Romances ever since.

So,  when I started a little publishing company, Moody Writer Publishing, LLC., and put myself to work I knew the influence of shifter romances would follow me. Mixing my love for shifter romance with my first love of African-American Romances seemed natural. I couldn’t believe that I was the only brown woman with a growing love for this genre and I’ve been searching for authors who wrote with African American leads. When I didn’t find them, I made a decision to write them myself. It was Toni Morrison in my head pushing me to “write the book I want to read.” It’s some of the best writing advice I’ve ever heard.

I love the work I’m doing. Entreperneurship is not for the weak at heart. Neither is writing. I’m fool enough to attempt both and believe I will be successful. As I push into this next chapter of my dreams, I invite you along. Please, pour up a cup of coffee and share a book with me.